Mar 1, 2019

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an App

written by Abby Avery
10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an App

As a nation, the use of mobile phones has become increasingly popular for shopping, and if by 2019 your website has not been optimised for mobile, you can wave good bye to a ton of your sales. But why create an app if you already have a mobile friendly website?

An app is different from a website, as the app is a programme downloaded onto the consumer’s phone. An app is easily accessible and can offer the consumer entertainment, customer service, shopping functions and exclusive benefits.

Not sure whether your business needs an app? Here is our guide to ‘10 reasons why your business needs an app’:




  1. Reasons to have an app: To stay relevant with your mobile strategy

If you currently have the outlook that apps are purely for big brands, then you are wrong. More and more businesses are beginning to launch apps to keep up with the latest mobile trends and are learning that having an effective mobile strategy equates to more than just a mobile friendly-website. By 2022 the amount of app downloads is projected to grow to 258.2 billion downloads (Statista), proving just how popular apps really are. If your consumers are increasingly downloading apps, then perhaps you need an app of your own for them to stay at the forefront of their minds.

  1. Reasons to have an app: To get ahead in your industry

Creating a mobile app can help you to get ahead of your competitors in your industry, especially if you are in a field where no one has ventured into creating an app before. For small businesses, apps are still pretty rare and by creating an app you can really leap ahead. Even if this isn’t the case and your competitors do already offer an app, being innovative and forward thinking will help to engage your target audience and take away the advantage that your competitors have over you.


  1. Reasons to have an app: To create a new direct marketing channel

An app can offer many different services and functions, such as providing information to your customers. The important benefit of having a mobile app is that all the information you want to provide to your customer can be right at their fingertips. The app can provide a direct communication channel to your customers. If you have any special sales or advertisements you want to tell your consumer about, you can create push notifications via the app which will alert the customer to these.


  1. Reasons to have an app: To offer great user experiences

An app can be a great way of creating a seamless journey for the consumer, without them having to access the website. An app in designed to be extremely user friendly and can offer the consumer a more personalised journey. This could include personalised rewards and personalised shopping lists. Creating a more seamless journey can help to increase customer loyalty and help to increase repeat purchases.


  1. Reasons to have an app: To offer better customer service

Customer service is vital for any business and expectations continue to increase along with technological advancements. Apps are a game changer for customer service and can create an easy route for customers to communicate with your business and resolve issues at a much faster rate than sending emails. This is also a great way to offer customers a quick solution without them needing to go on social media to post a public query or problem.


  1. Reasons to have an app: To increase engagement

Engagement is an important metric to consider in any marketing strategy. A mobile app can offer a great way for your consumers to engage with your brand. It can offer unique and interactive features that can be more engaging than a website. An app sits on the customer’s phone, which can act as a gentle reminder for them to interact with your business. A mobile app offers an environment for the consumer to interact and engage with ease, and for the business to make true connections with their customers.


  1. Reasons to have an app: To provide loyalty and reward programmes

An app can have inbuilt loyalty or reward programmes, which can help to encourage customers to return to the app and make repeat purchases from your business. An app can include features which track and display offers, points and rewards earned by spending. If customers can see they have rewards to spend or points to collect, it can help to increase repeat sales.


  1. Reasons to have an app: To open a new revenue channel

Many businesses offer a shopping feature on their app, which means consumers can directly shop products from the app rather than just the website. This can help to increase sales as customers have a much simpler way of viewing and purchasing products. As a business, you can choose charge a consumer for downloading your app, however it is suggested that this can hinder people from choosing it. A much better suggestion is to offer additional features in the app which can be optional purchases (perhaps a branded filter, the next level of a game, or more premium content). As your consumers are already engrossed with your app, they are more likely to pay for added features once downloaded.


  1. Reasons to have an app: To collect key customer data and insights

One massive benefit of having an app is the ability for your brand to gain valuable customer data. You can identify which of your consumers are using the app, their demographics, shopping habits and overall app performance. All this data can be used to enhance your product, discover your most valuable customers and help to further develop your brand and app.


  1. Reasons to have an app: To embrace new technological advancements

It’s so critical for brands to keep up with the latest technological trends. By having an app now, you are one step ahead of those who don’t whilst meeting the ever-evolving expectations of your customers. Once the app has been created, it can easily be updated with new emerging digital trends. Virtual reality for example, is rising in the technology industry, and as this becomes more mainstream in business, it would be beneficial to already have an app so this new technology can be adopted and implemented much quicker.