Dec 4, 2013

Using #Hashtags On Facebook

written by Anya Amrith
Starbucks Facebook

Facebook announced the arrival of hashtags back in June, and since then they have been much slower to take off on Facebook than on other social channels such as Twitter.

The key to ‘hashtaging’ in general (especially on Facebook where it is a relatively new deal) is to be relevant not random…give your audience an understanding of the message you are putting to them and how they can engage.

For example, McDonald’s prefers to approach Facebook hashtags from a general brand standpoint. It has focused on using brand specific hashtags like #imlovinit – a globally recognised phrase.

Facebook hashtags are still a relatively new concept. However, certain brands like Starbucks are beginning to understand how to navigate and benefit from this feature, check out the example below for some ideas…

‘Tis the season to be jolly! #PSL

This time of year screams open fires, chunky scarves and hats, and enjoying lovely spiced hot drinks! Seasonal marketing is nothing new, but where hashtags are concerned, many overlook using them to connect with their audiences at certain times of the year. Starbucks however, does a great job of connecting and engaging with it’s audience through their popular pumpkin spiced latte – aka – #PSL

This drink is eagerly awaited every year around Autumn/Winter & christmas time, with customers taking pictures of themselves and the delicious hot beverage.

Starbucks includes #PSL on relevant Facebook posts, engaging with fans using the hashtag. They have even created a cover photo comprised of user generated content from the trend.

Starbucks Facebook

If you take only one thing from this blog, let it simply be this…

Keep #‘s relevant and applicable to your audience. Irrelevant or super specific hashtags could potentially hinder your post’s reach.

Gabrielle Freeman, Digital Marketing Manager