Mar 6, 2013

The importance of provenance & quality.

written by Anya Amrith

KFC new ad campaign: the importance of provenance & quality.

The food industry has been recently rocked with all the hot media fuzz surrounding the horse meat scandal and crushed our confidence in British farmers; so what better time than now to push out an advertising campaign hitting home the message of QUALITY! 

We were/are all a bit confused and freaked out about how we’ve probably consumed horse meat, or just the simple fact that when we buy a ‘beef & ale pie’ we expect it to be what it says on the tin. If you’re anything like me and my circle of friends, the meat-eaters among us have (as a knee-jerk reaction) stuck to just eating chicken; lots of it.

Hence perhaps why one of the fast-food giants, KFC, is launching a brand campaign telling us the story of its chicken “from farm to fork” to better communicate the quality of its offer.

The ad campaign that launched on TV on March 4th will cost £2.5m and will be supported by Facebook and VOD activity. It shows the journey of KFCs farm fresh chicken to their fast-food outlets, where the chicken is freshly hand-prepared daily.

Marketing Week were lucky enough to speak with the vice president of marketing at KFC Jennelle Tilling, who said it’s “good timing” with regards to the new campaign, but says it is not in response to the horse meat scandal.

“It’s interesting timing to be telling that provenance and real chicken story. It makes it more important to tell the story but, it (the horse meat scandal) hasn’t made us suddenly think we have to tell this message. We’ve been doing it for the last two years, it’s just good timing..”

“I’m sort of blessed because I’m working with real pieces of chicken…We’re not processing it and making burgers so it’s a little bit easier for KFC. I hope we don’t find any other supply issues because it’s not good for the industry … We need to be clear and transparent with the consumer because they’re going to expect more of that now than six months ago.”

We think transparency is the key nowadays in marketing; as we detailed in our previous article about the importance of brand trust. Consumers are more savvy than ever, and they are in constant communication with others thanks to the social media revolution. Companies and brands are no accountable for their actions, and rewarded for their honesty.