written by Abby Avery
The Digital Trends that MUST be Included in your 2019 Marketing Strategy

We talked about the big marketing trends coming up in 2019 at the beginning of the year and already we find ourselves halfway through the year. So now, we think it’s the perfect time to review these trends. By now, you should have adjusted your 2018 strategy and be reaping the benefits, but in case you’re not, we’ll highlight what you might be missing from your strategy below. These are the digital marketing trends that your business really can’t afford to ignore.


Website content must be relevant and original

This should be second nature by now, but just in case, we’ll say it again. It is absolutely crucial for your business, that all of the content on your website, is relevant and unique. If not, then it is just a waste of time. To help back-up this point, studies show that 78% of consumers believe that relevant content increases interest and purchasing intent, so this must be integrated into your strategy as a foundation block. If you’re struggling, then it’s definitely worth hiring a content writer or agency to create unique and relevant content that will engage your audience and connect with them.


Optimise your website content for voice search

You may have got through 2018 without optimising your website for voice search, but now it’s 2019, and we’re halfway through the year, which means your website is falling behind if you haven’t already started optimising your website content for voice search. 




How is voice search-optimised content different?

Content marketing is extremely important for your SEO, and you may have been told that long-form content is key for SEO to allow more unique, useful content and keywords. This is still true, but for voice search, you need to go through your website and make sure that all of the important aspects of your business are featured in short snippets of information or bite-size  blurbs, to help you appear at the top of the search results when someone makes a voice search.


Write different lengths of content on your website

When looking at your content marketing strategy, you’ve made sure that everything written is unique and relevant. You’ve also ensured that important information is written in snippets for voice search. You also need to make sure that all of the content throughout your website is written in various lengths to suit different audiences. From an SEO perspective, yes long form content suits search engines and should help increase your ranking and drive organic traffic to your site, but then what? Research suggests that the average visitor will spend less than 15 seconds on your website before moving onto the next, so are they really going to read pages and pages of text? This is where short-form content works best, so create a balance on your website and write shorter content where it’s needed to drive conversions – and don’t forget those call-to-actions!




Include video and audio content on your website

By now, there should be plenty of video content on your website and social media channels, and audio content is an increasingly popular format to include too. According to a 2017 Nielson report, 48% of digital audiences are made up of Millennials and Generation Z, so if this is the market that you’re targeting, speak to them in an audio-visual way that will engage them. Podcasts are an excellent way to capture their attention and don’t forget about live videos when putting together your strategy. 


Use artificial intelligence on your website

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more accessible to businesses of all sizes. The AI technology that goes into data capture and interpretation is an incredible way to gain insights that before would have taken weeks, if not months of skilled man-power. If you don’t think your business is quite at this point yet, then the best and easiest way to implement some AI technology onto your website, is through the use of chatbots. Chatbots have become extremely normalised and a lot of users expect to have this type of technology available to help them when they can’t find the information they’re looking for in your website content. The artificial intelligence used in the chatbot can mimic human interactions, improve your customer service and add a human touch to your website. 


Make sure you are posting social media stories

Finally, we’d like to move onto your social media strategy. Make sure you are not ignoring the ‘stories’ feature, which is a great way to add to your audio-visual strategy mentioned above. Whilst consistent and engaging posting on your social media platforms is still important, live content and updates capture your audiences’ attention and are featured at the top of their newsfeeds. We’re halfway through 2019 so this is no longer considered a new feature and should absolutely be integrated into your social media strategy. Use stories for live updates – whether that is to promote a new product, a new post or blog, or even an update as to what’s happening in your office that day. It’s great for brand awareness and engagement, and you can use a mix of photos and videos – pre-recorded or live. For optimal results, make them interactive with questions and polls.




How is your digital marketing looking in 2019? Have you adopted all of these trends yet? 

If not, contact Aspurian Digital and get your digital marketing strategies up to speed.