written by Abby Avery
How much is halloween worth in the UK?

There are plenty of big dates in the marketing calendar, and as Summer draws to a close and the kids go back to school, the next big thing to look forward to is Halloween. This holiday is said to be worth a staggering $9 BILLION in the US when looking at retail spending last year, and while the UK isn’t quite as spook crazy, thanks to millennials the holiday is now worth an impressive £320 million and rising. Of course that’s a considerable figure that you want to be a part of, so now’s the time to start thinking about how your brand can get involved. To help you, we’ve come up with a few tricks and treats below.


Halloween is becoming more commercialised 

First off, you need to think about who you’re targeting. We ‘thanked’ millennials because 60% of their demographic spent money on halloween in 2016 according to Mintel. There was a 7% increase in spending from the year prior and as millennials get older, they’re getting richer and spending on commercial holidays increases. In fact, nearly half of all consumers spent money on halloween in recent years, and this rise appears to be from the increased commercialisation of the holiday. More and more brands are celebrating the holiday, the second biggest in America, and their efforts appear to be working.

The top five biggest halloween purchases are pumpkins, costumes, confectionary, decorations and cosmetics.


Add some halloween ‘spirit’ into your marketing messages

But what if your business doesn’t directly relate to halloween? Well, there’s plenty of things you can do. Commercial holidays often allow some room for your brand to let loose a little bit and play around with your usual branding. So have some fun and celebrate the holiday with your followers with a little bit of personality without steering too far away from your brand values.

  1. Fill your social media posts with Halloween puns (because everyone loves a pun). It’s safe and subtle, and your followers will really appreciate it.
  2. Make use of readily available halloween GIFs, videos and images to grab your audience’s attention and create a theme on your social profiles, or even better, make your own!
  3. Your usual visuals will have a consistent look to them. Try playing around with the design and add some spooky elements. It could be a different font or colour or added graphics like cobwebs on your imagery.
  4. Share an image of your team in their very best halloween costumes. You could even turn it into a competition! Ask your customers to vote on the best outfit and even encourage them to join in.
  5. Create a branded stencil of your logo or related imagery to be used for pumpkin carving. Make sure you share an image of yours too!


Play trick or treat with your customers

Well, maybe not literally, but you could jump on the halloween bandwagon by surprising your customers with a halloween promotion or offer. Brand it with a halloween theme, add some puns and you’re good to go. To get the most out of your promotion, create a well-structured digital marketing campaign across email, social media and your website. Need someone to take care of that for you? Drop us a quick message now.

Some ideas for your offer could be a little treat left in their shopping basket when they go to checkout on your website, a sale on your products/services, a small discount on selected products, halloween-themed competition, poll or give away on social media.



Market a limited edition halloween-themed product

A great way to increase sales in the lead up to, and during, this commercial holiday, is by creating a limited edition product to celebrate. This method requires a lot of creativity and a lot of fun. You need to think of the product and then think how you’re going to market it. This may not be a feasible option for everyone, but a little bit of out-of-the-box thinking and you could be amazed by the results.

Some great examples can be found at Starbucks with their seasonal ‘Zombie Frappuccinos’ and ‘Witches Brews’ and Lush with their yearly halloween-themed gift sets.





Create a temporary halloween logo

If you’re constrained by long production processes and high minimum orders then the above idea may not be for you. An alternative idea would be to get into the holiday spirit with a spooky halloween logo. The best ones can often be the simplest.  Keep your original logo the same, but cleverly add or adjust some elements to have a halloween theme. Maybe add a spider or a bat and keep it showing across your profiles for October only.



Create a clever halloween ad

If you want to keep your branding consistent and unaltered across your marketing channels, then a clever, concise and classy way to join in on the halloween action is to create a halloween-themed ad. Create an ad campaign to promote your product as usual, but play around with the image to give it a spooky halloween theme and add some halloween copy. We’ve included some excellent examples below. If you have the time and resources, try creating a halloween video ad for even better results.








Have you thought about what you’ll be doing to increase your halloween sales this year?