Feb 28, 2014

Social Media Rookie Mistakes

written by Anya Amrith

Social Media Rookie Mistakes

Just because you have social media for your business, doesn’t guarantee you will generate more exposure; although if social media is used in the correct way then it’s a very different story!

If social media is used with out strategy or thought behind it, it can go horribly wrong; with many examples out there in the internet world…

We are here to help you out. The problem is, people think each social media network has the same type of audience, so you can just copy and paste the same messages on each one. Every social media channel will have a different audience, so you will need to think about what you’re going to write for each one.

Facebook is not just about creating a page and posting about something for sale, or a product you have at a ‘great price’ etc… If you saw that on your timeline all the time, wouldn’t you get a bit bored of this repetitive selling, then just unlike the page? Really you should be thinking about what your audience like. Try and be fun and give something back, so you can then get engagement on your posts. Make sure you answer their questions and take negative feedback, don’t just delete it… A simple sorry, or explanation can go very far; and shows you can resolve a problem.

Twitter is very different. You will have to be much more engaging on this platform as Twitter is very much ‘real time.’ I would start trying to follow local businesses and other conventions that interest you as a company. After this, try and join in online conversations relating to yourself; using #hashtags. If you are a new startup business for example, join in conversations about start ups, using the #startup hashtag. You will soon be amongst like minded people and this can increase your followers. Think of it as online networking.

Everyone loves a good picture to keep them entertained, and this is why using Instagram to post pictures of what you are doing at work is great for engagement. Or why not post a picture of a new product your business has launched, maybe with some details or even a special discount which is exclusive only to Instagram. A picture tells a thousand words.

We hope this has helped you have a greater understanding of how Social Media works! Just remember it’s important to have a clear plan in place of what you are going to post each week so you are much more consistent! If you struggle to free up the time you need to dedicate to your social media, talk to us about running it for you; it’s what we do!