Sep 4, 2014

Does Social Media hold the key to brand success?

written by Anya Amrith
Does Social Media hold the key to brand success

Social Media can be a bit of double edge sword. It can potentially hold the key to the brand success, by telling an audience what products you have and their brand narratives; in a way will gain the trust of your consumer. There’s much more to it than just pressing the like or dislike button, just because they have not liked a post, does not mean that they will come back the next day to surf your website.

The modern consumer is well connected. A 2013 internet trend report by Kliener Perkins estimates that the typical smartphone user checks their phone 150 times a day and can spend up to 20% of their time on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Now just imagine that for one second, they could be looking at your company profile; so are you posting the correct information to broadcast to all your consumers?

Social Media has cut down on face-to-face interaction and in-store experiences which in most cases can lead to a lack of understanding as to where the products have come from or how it is made. So does this prove that you can’t just expect Social Media to help grow your business? It does in some way, but it also means that you can’t just rely on Social Media and expect a miracle and that your company will suddenly improve sales by 20%. You have to look at the overall picture; in other words the overall marketing plan, what are you doing offline? Are you sending out leaflets to your consumers? Are you doing email drops to show your latest products to your consumers? These are the points that you need to consider too.

#DancePonyDanceIf you look at successful campaigns that have been showcased around the United Kingdom, which one of these which sticks out for me – #DancePonyDance – this used all digital communications possible, creating an App, which is still being used now: the Pony Mixer, it was on billboards, they consistently used this in their shops, it was on all the Social Media… it was everywhere!! But what did they do right? With the advert they pushed it out on every communication, by using the #DancePonyDance then stating you could have your own funky pony dance, which then had the ability of sharing across to your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


So when coming up with an idea for your business don’t just put it on Social Media because thats where you believe all your consumers are. If you do this you are limiting finding new potential consumers because not everyone (believe it or not) will use Social Media. Your consumers are everywhere, think about all the areas you get information – by doing this you can then understand how to target these consumers on another platform.

I came across a fantastic quote by Christopher Bailey which sums up my view that you have to do everything to market your brand. “I think story telling is important globally, but in China it stops things from being just product and starts to give it life. Everything has a story, your clothes, buildings, videos, music: i think it’s important to go along with his journey or it becomes a faceless product.”

Think, Strategise and Plan.