May 22, 2013

ADRoom101 – Twitter Sync

written by Anya Amrith


Whatever you call it…middle of the week, hump day or my personal fave, #WingeWednesday is here. The topic I choose to be banished to our Room 101 today is The Twitter Sync.

The Twitter Sync is right on par with the ‘armchair warrior’, mouth ulcers and stale jammy dodgers; and it is on the increase…and dangerous.

I have Facebook open as I write this (fuel the fire baby grrrrr) and already it looks like #hashtag city. Do people fail to understand that Facebook doesn’t utilise hashtags and that…err…Facebook isn’t Twitter?! Sure, they are both social media sharing platforms, yes; but they do not operate in the same way.

Facebook is Facebook, and we love it because it doesn’t kill us with hashtags and well…it’s Facebook: the social media hub and giant. Show some respect.

Let me elaborate by providing an example of a business page (I shall not name & shame) I liked recently that started posting things like this:

‘SO EXCITED TO TELL YOU THAT WE SHALL BE AT …. @NobodyCares THIS MAY 2013 #werock #loveyouguys’

Er #YouSuck for always treating @Facebook like #Twitter. Pack it in, seriously or people will ‘unlike’ you rapidly.

If I ‘Like’ a page, or I am your friend on FB, that is because I want to be on FB; otherwise I will follow you on Twitter. With business pages this is particularly important, as your audience do no want to feel like you can’t be arsed to engage with them properly through Facebook. If they see you are simply just syncing your Twitter account, they feel a bit short-changed supporting you on Facebook (which isn’t Twitter) and you just seem lame. #FYI

Businesses will always say, ‘but time is valuable and time is money’; finding a million reasons why they can’t manage all these social media platforms. But your audience are also hugely valuable and if you p*** them off, good luck re-engaging. If you can’t stand the heat…get out of the kitchen…or employ a chef (someone to manage your social media *cough* like Aspurian Digital *cough*).

If you are an ordinary person that is adopting Twitter rules to Facebook, bashing #hashtags and Twitter @handles about in posts; STOP. You look like a muppet.

Twitter is not the same as FB #ThanksBye.