May 22, 2013

Room 101 – Social Media

written by Anya Amrith

Drum roll please…….

…Today is #WingeWednesday and as you all have gathered, we have a moan/rant/winge/mental meltdown over a Social Media topic.

Today is no different and we have chosen to ban social media incentives in the form of ‘LIKE & SHARE to WIN!’ competitions to the #ADRoom101.

This drives us nuts…

…And breathe…

Again, I have, and I stress the word HAVE, been guilty of this. Mind you it was Christmas and I was so busy I had in my head that if I could just win all the presents I needed that would be the perfect solution.

I was ‘Liking’ and ‘Sharing’ everything. I won nothing and annoyed everyone.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good competition as much as the next person, but does anyone actually win on those things? Please let me know if you have, and what you won…just for my sanity.

Before some smart ass chirps up about the marketing perspective, I agree that they can be a great marketing tool; if done correctly & with originality. But personally I prefer the “If we get X amount of likes & shares, we will give you all a 20% off coupon”…now we are talking; everyones a winner!

Whatever happened to good old traditional competitions? You can avoid the public judgement of the fact you just liked that horrid fast-food company that is making us all big fatties needing gastric bands. Urgh. I can just hear the reactions of some people as your ‘like and share’ pops up on their timeline… “Does she really like that vulgar company, I don’t think we will be inviting her to lunch again.”

I prefer a Big Mac anyway.