Mar 9, 2013

Purpose, Design and Content

written by Anya Amrith

We see marketing messages everywhere, but sometimes we don’t always remember something for the right reasons…

Have you ever seen a brochure, leaflet, poster, website or anything similar and thought “this looks really bad”? Hands up…

So, what does make good deign? There are many elements involved, and in this post we focus on 3 important factors: Purpose, Design and Content.

1. Purpose

A good design has to be fit for the purpose. The design has to make the most out of the media it’s presented in i.e. A poster that has small text and no images won’t be as affective as it could be.

There are some important questions you have to ask yourself here:

– What medium is being used?

– Is it the best channel to reach the target audience?

If you don’t know which medium is best, it can be beneficial to work backwards. Think about the purpose of the message, what action do you want the end user to take? And even more importantly, who is your target audience? Once you understand this, you can begin to look at the options.

2. Content

The most important question you need to ask yourself when thinking about content is: What message are you trying to convey?

Ensure that your content is engaging and gets the main message’s across. Considering the tone of voice is also essential, who are you talking to?

Researching your target audience can help you to tailor your message – find out their demographics and interests.

3. Design

Balance is the big key to design. The final product has to look ‘right’. This is more down to the human eye, as a design should be aesthetically pleasing- any good designer will learn this from experience.

Using the right colours, fonts and images also contribute to good, professional looking design. They all tie in to the overall message and should appeal to the target audience, as well as remaining consistent across all your branding.

Good design comes from experience and knowing the right information from the very beginning. A good design can mean the difference from being remembered for greatness or for an epic fail…