WD40 Rocky Mountain Road Trip Campaign

Social Media Campaign

WD-40 Rocky Mountain Road Trip Campaign



WD-40 UK asked Aspurian Digital to plan, design and run a social media campaign to raise awareness, promote and increase entries for their long-running competition; a road-trip across Canada. The annual competition had previously struggled, failing to engage their audience and receiving but a handful of entries.

The Solution & Final Good

Aspurian Digital assessed the previous road trip competitions to identify areas of potential opportunity and growth; and any areas of weakness.

Aspurian Digital scoped out various creative options for the WD-40 Rocky Mountain Road Trip campaign and presented our ideas.

We then designed and created a bespoke graphic of a garage containing a WD-40 branded car. In the garage, amongst the garage contents, was a hidden WD-40 can. Users were required to find the can to enter. The can was always in a different place, keeping it fun and fresh for the visitor.

This bespoke graphic was built into the WD-40 UK website with a responsive design, and therefore easily accessible and used across various devices, such as iPhone, Android, iPad, laptops and desktop devices. Aspurian Digital managed further promotion and targeted advertising on social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter.

The WD-40 Rocky Mountain road trip campaign was a huge success and enjoyed a 3000% growth increase in entries on the previous year.

Due to the social engagement and entrant success, Aspurian Digital were asked to develop the 2017 Road Trip competition.



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