WD-40 Life Hacks Campaign

Social Media Campaign, Website Development

WD-40 Life Hacks Campaign



WD-40 UK were replacing their traditional 400ml Multi-Use Product can with a new 450ml Smart Straw can and tasked Aspurian Digital to find an engaging and creative way to highlight the 2000+ uses of WD-40, through their social media. The aim was to build brand awareness and consumer engagement through an educational and collaborative approach.

The Solution & Final Good

Aspurian Digital worked with WD-40 UK to understand their target audience. We suggested raising brand awareness and increasing engagement with their audience through an interactive campaign, based around ‘Life Hacks’ using their new WD-40 Smart Straw can. A social media campaign was then planned, designed and implemented to highlight the uses of WD-40.

Aspurian Digital researched popular and commonly searched for ‘Life Hacks’ by the public; with relevance to the WD-40 product. Five WD-40 (Smart Straw) Life Hack videos were then scripted and filmed; demonstrating and promoting the products everyday uses.

Aspurian Digital built an additional feature into the WD-40 UK website, allowing users to upload their own WD-40 Life Hack video. Users could then share their video socially with family and friends; helping raise awareness of the WD-40 brand and product, increasing engagement and encouraging brand advocacy through a collaborative approach.

The Life Hack videos were originally designed for the UK market, but due to the great reception and user participation, the campaign was then rolled out to the rest of Europe.

The WD-40 Life Hacks social media campaign reached over 1 million people across the Facebook platform and the WD-40 UK website enjoyed an increase of over 22% website traffic.


  • Interactive Social Media Campaign Design and Management
  • Market Research
  • Bespoke Video Production and Editing
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Responsive Design 
WD-40 Life Hacks Landing Page


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