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My Deli Kitchen is a new brand launched by Signature Flatbreads and is a family run business whose aim is to ‘innovate mealtimes’ and to make bread more exciting.

From humble beginnings in London where they began making pitta and naan breads, the family were the first to introduce Tortilla wraps to the UK and were first to market with folded flatbreads. They decided to launch a new brand from their continued success of manufacturing flatbreads to multiple retail stores; hoping to also promote a healthier lifestyle.

Aspurian Digital were approached to develop a website that would have a family look and feel, and would provide a wealth of information, news and recipes for family members. We recommended a responsive website built using the WordPress content management system (CMS). Since the product imagery is inviting and vibrant, we recommended leading with the images and following a similar look and feel to the product packaging allowing all marketing to be integrated.

The Solution & Final Good

The website was scheduled to go live alongside the launch of the new flatbread products, that would be sold in leading British retail stores in August 2017. The website was launched as the hub for all social media and digital campaigns. It provided further information about the product and essential recipes that could be used by the targeted demographic.

The content included on the website, and in particular the recipes, boosted the SEO ranking enabling more engagement and, ultimately, an increase in sales growth. The website was easy to navigate and could be fully updated by the in-house marketing department, empowering them to create their own content.

The end result was a website that was reflective of the brand ethos, impactful and engaging for the target audience. The success of the website also aided Signature Flatbreads to strike a celebrity endorsement partnership with Tom Daley, who helped to increase exposure for the brand socially.


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