Feb 9, 2013

Making typography count

written by Anya Amrith

Making typography count: Typography can make or break a design. Quite often, the typography used in a design is overlooked and as a consequence the whole design can suffer.

Here are a some examples of art that are purely based on typography, showing how much importance lies in picking the right font.

BMW is joy:

BMW is joy - typography example


From relyonwords.com:

relyonwords.com - typography examples


Words by HalfLife22:

Words by HalfLife22


Words from utopia from BOSSCO:

Words from utopia from BOSSCO

By error message:

by error message


Typography by Pogo:

Typography by Pogo


The Arrogant Butcher – Shop signage:

The Arrogant Butcher - typography


Prestige Typography by Bella Elizabetta:

Prestige Typography by bella elizabetta