written by Abby Avery

Generation Z, or Gen Z, are the first age group to come after Millennials, born between 1995 and 2002. Unlike Millennials, who’ll remember dial-up broadband and their first Nokia 3210 boasting polyphonic ringtones and Snake 1, Gen Z’ers were brought up around smartphones, social media and targeted ads. Technology that we find revolutionary today is the norm for them. They know no different, which is why this new demographic is stereotyped as being tech savvy and obsessed with social media.

This new generation is starting to enter the workplace and they are becoming important buyers and decision makers. How we interact with our current customers needs to be adapted to target the new generation better. Social media is simply part of Gen Z’ers lives and therefore this is the best place to reach them.

This article will provide some top tips on how to adjust your social media strategy to ensure that you’re targeting Generation Z; the new kids on the block.


Most Popular Social Media Platforms for Generation Z

According to recent surveys, the top 3 social media platforms used by Generation Z are Snapchat, Instagram and Youtube. Gen Z’ers love visual content and they spend much more time ‘watching’ rather than reading, so these platforms are perfect.



Gen Z love Snapchat. In fact, 79% say that they use the app every single day, checking in around 18 times. It’s key when targeting this demographic that your business understands the platform and knows how to put together short, creative ads that are interactive with a sense of humour. Some of the best and easiest content ideas include sharing behind the scenes clips of the day-to-day running of your business to showcase your brand culture and add a human touch to your marketing. Using Snapchat to release teasers of a new product launch is another really effective way to use the platform.





Surveys shows that Gen Z’ers prefer Instagram over Facebook, and since the launch of Instagram Stories in 2016, it’s even surpassed Snapchat despite the format being exactly the same. Make sure your business is utilising stories for higher engagement as newsfeeds become more crowded and filtered. Similar to Snapchat, you should post frequent images and and videos with short ad copy, hashtags, geotags, animations and humour. Make your stories work even better for you by archiving them so that they can then be featured on your page’s highlights so they’re not lost forever after 24 hours.





52% of Generation Z’ers are reported to spend at least one hour on YouTube every single day so video is a really great way for businesses to reach them. This generation tend to watch much less TV than their predecessors, and they’d rather catch up on selected videos on YouTube. This is also the place to find influencers, and your business should be no different. Video is essential for so many reasons; it helps improve your SEO and is favoured by social media algorithms, so no matter where you post your video content, make sure you also post them on YouTube to increase your views.

Need another reason why video is essential for marketing to Generation Z? It’s reported that they spend an average of 23 hours per week watching videos online. That’s nearly an entire day each week!


Pro Tip 1:

Gen Z expect brands to keep up with technological developments and trends as much as they do, so if you want your video content to work even harder and receive higher reach and engagement, opt for live video on your social media. This is equally more favourable with social media algorithms too.


Pro Tip 2:

Don’t ever just add a link to your video on social media. If you’ve uploaded a video to YouTube, you have to actually embed it everywhere else so it can be seen straight away. If you just add a link on a Facebook post for example saying ‘watch the video here >> [link]’ you will lose engagement. No one will want to click on it, and it’s less likely to be seen as platforms such as Facebook want users to view content on their site, not be navigated away.




Influencer Marketing

We’ve briefly mentioned already that Influencers hang out on Youtube; as do the majority of Generation Z (95% of them in fact, according to a report by Adweek). A study by Google found that of those following influencers on YouTube, 70% of them said they see these influencers as more relatable and genuine over traditional celebrities.

Businesses have spent millions getting their products endorsed by celebrities, but for this new generation, focus needs to be shifted to Bloggers and Vloggers for endorsement. This not only helps to grow your audience on social media, but it can also improve brand awareness, reputation, engagement, and of course your bottom line.


Quality, Engaging Content

Research has revealed that the attention span of Millennials is approximately 12 seconds, but for Generation Z, it’s just 8 seconds. Gen Z are multitaskers. They are constantly jumping between different forms of media, likely found to be watching a streaming service on TV, whilst scrolling through social media on their phone and using their laptop in a very short space of time. This means that it’s essential for your business to create truly unique, stand-out content that will grab their attention within just a couple of seconds.


Using Social Media as a Customer Service Platform

Expecting more instant responses than email, more and more consumers are using social media as a means to ask questions and make complaints to companies. Gen Z are no exception but whilst previous generations have been happy to pick up the phone and call customer service, Gen Z tend to actively avoid phone calls, even with their friends and family, and prefer instant messaging. It’s so important that your business is active on social media for as long as possible to respond to queries in the shortest possible time. Not only are most disputes now made public on socal, a study by American Express has revealed that Gen Z’ers are more than twice as likely than Millennials to drop a brand for poor responsiveness on social media. Get it right though, and you could increase customer advocacy by as much as 25%.




To Conclude, the way our customers interact with us, and the way we interact with them, is changing. It’s important to analyse who your customers are and segment your audience accordingly. Generation Z is becoming increasingly important as they enter the working world and we need to keep up with their expectations. The same old strategies won’t work anymore, it’s time for a refresh.

Need help adapting your digital marketing strategy and campaigns to appeal to Generation Z? Give us at Aspurian Digital a message, and we can help take your marketing to the next level and open the doors to these new kids on the block.