Feb 26, 2019

How Often Should Your Business Post on Social Media?

written by Abby Avery
How Often Should You Post On Social Media?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions by business owners that returns probably the most answers. Every corner of the internet, every advisor, manager and staff member will likely give a different answer. The truth is, there isn’t one magic number. There’s no secret formula or complicated cheat code that unveils the key to social media success (sorry).

In reality, whilst there isn’t an exact number, there are different factors that can help guide the number of times you should post on social media. The number is affected by what platform you’re using, who your audience is, what their schedule/usage is and what content you’re publishing. Simply increasing the number of times you update your social media won’t necessarily increase your engagement rates.

Each platform is completely different, so to avoid a blanket answer of how many times you should post on ‘social media’, we’ll split this down to cover some of the main platforms.


Post Good Quality, Highly Engaging Content on Social Media

First thing’s first; before you worry about how many times you should post, you should start to think about what you’re posting. If you’re not producing good content then it really doesn’t matter how many times you post; it’s pointless.

It’s helpful to analyse your current engagement rates and compare them to those of your competitors and other similar businesses. This provides a helpful guide as to how you’re performing in comparison and whether your content is being enjoyed or whether it needs work. Anything that’s performing particularly well should be the type of content you continue to post. Listen to your audience and adjust accordingly.


How Often Should You Post on Instagram?

Once you’ve nailed your content and you’ve got a bank of images that are highly engaging, high quality and adding value, it’s time to start scheduling. On Instagram, it appears that one post a day is optimal, and with good content this frequency has shown to increase followers by up to 56%. The answer isn’t quite as simple as this however, as whilst one post a day may increase your followers, it won’t increase the visibility of your content. Something that will, is the consistency of your posts.

If possible, it’s best to always post at the same time of the day, on the same days of the week. Analytics and customer research will help to determine your optimal posting time. If you decide that you’re going to post once per day, but then struggle to keep up and reduce to a couple of times a week and then back up again, your engagement, followers and visibility will likely decrease. So whilst the average may be once per day on Instagram, what is better is to choose a frequency that you can actually commit to and then stick to it consistently.

When planning your posting schedule, don’t forget about Instagram Stories. You can post as many or as little stories as you wish. There’s no need for a set frequency, and it’s a great place to use your less polished content that won’t fit in with your Instagram grid.


How Often Should You Post on Facebook?

Facebook involves longer form content and less emphasis on hashtags and coordinating visuals compared to Instagram. There is more variety in our Facebook newsfeeds and ads are heavy. Depending on your audience, the general consensus is that once a day is the absolute max, but for most, even this could be too much, but again, this depends on your audience and your content. If you’re unsure and don’t want to risk annoying people and forcing them to unfollow you, 4-5 times per week is a safe bet. Whichever frequency you chose, ensure that the times and days are consistent.

Increasingly, Facebook is becoming known for offering a low reach on organic posts. Some business pages with over 500,000 followers find that they only receive 2% engagement on some posts, and this is likely to decrease further. To avoid spending large amounts on paid ads, you need to optimise your organic content. Videos for example, tend to have much better reach than photos. Live videos seem to have the highest reach and external links seem to have the lowest.


How Often Should You Post on Twitter?

Twitter is a completely different kettle of fish. Instagram stories are considered the fastest content which lasts 24 hours, but the lifetime of a tweet is just 18 minutes! It doesn’t disappear like a story does, but it gets lots in the sea of fresh tweets that are filling up the feeds every second.

With Twitter, you do really need to be posting at least 10 times per day to get the highest reach. This can be a challenge, especially whilst trying to ensure that each piece of short content is high quality, adds value and is not just there for the sake of it.

Not every tweet has to be new content though, which certainly makes 10-a-day more manageable. You can post links to useful and relevant articles, retweet industry news and cycle your own content.  It’s more than likely that one person won’t see every one of your tweets so you can reword the same tweet several times, and post it at different times throughout the week.


How Often Should You Post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn’s a bit of an easier one, but in case you didn’t know, LinkedIn themselves recommend that you post everyday. That gives you a guide of what’s acceptable, but again that may not be sustainable, so at least 3 times per week is a good frequency. If every day is achievable, then try not to go above once a day, as any more tends to result in a drop in engagement rates.


How Important is Social Media Marketing?

This question has got a much easier answer, and that is VERY. Just how much depends on your audience, but social media is fully integrated into our day-to-day life and every business needs to be active on social to be found. Social media is a powerful way of increasing brand awareness, generating leads, creating a loyal brand following, increasing engagement and ultimately increasing sales.

Keep in mind that social media is a long game though. It is not a quick fix; you won’t get overnight success and there is no magic formula. Social media requires time, creativity, careful analytics, consumer research, planning and consistency to perform at its full potential. Put the time in, and you will get the results out. If you need help getting started or just don’t have the time to plan your content and execute campaigns, get in touch and we’ be happy to help.

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