Sep 9, 2012

How can social media improve SEO?

written by Anya Amrith

Building an online presence is essential if you want potential customers to find your website. After all, it’s easy to build a website but no one will know it’s there unless it’s being promoted! So, how can social media improve SEO?

The first step is building a website that has quality content that is relevant to the target audience. Including keywords is important, as it will help search engines to find your website when one of the keywords is typed in.

To understand how social media can improve the hits to your website, it’s important to consider how search engine’s such as Google work in the first place. Here’s a quick guide:

1. Algorithm

Google have their coders write an algorithm (a step by step set of calculations for computers so that they can do things automatically) that crawls each and every website on a regular basis.

2. Points

‘Points’ are awarded for websites that have more of the features and facilities that Google considers to be good. The exact algorithm is not publicly released, but Google do confirm updates and web developers are quick to gauge which aspects award you more points.

3. Get more points!

The more points you have, the higher the ranking on Google.

The algorithm gets more and more added to it so it changes frequently. Here are some of the things it looks for:

– Keywords: words that are relevant to your industry and allow users to search for your business.

– The quality of your links (pages that have titles, links that work correctly, etc).

– The quality of your content.

– The names of your images and how relevant they are.

– How frequently content is updated (this is where a news or blog page can help).

– How many external pages link to your website (from other high-ranking websites).

– Reviews/Posts/Comments posted on social media websites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

– How long the website has been up and running (the longer the better).

– The strength of the domain name.

One of the top rules is to consistently provide good quality content, which is why Google gives points for a social media presence and even more points if the content is good, frequent, relevant and shared amongst users.

Of course, this is only the beginning! The process of optimizing your website is an ongoing activity and it’s essential to combine social media with your SEO efforts.

Remember: Quality is important!