Aug 15, 2014

What is Your Go-to Social Media

written by Anya Amrith
What is your go to Social Media

What is your go to Social Media

The question from me today is what is your go to social media… You know that day where your out with your friends and you see something that you would not expect and go to your social media app on your phone and post about it… But what i would like to know is what is your go to social media? Do you go to different social media when your having a problem? Or do you to to another one when you are happy?

From my own personal view i think that when we have just seen that WOW factor we are all heading to Twitter, but why are we doing this? Is it because you just want to be that main person to make your post go viral? It makes you feel more comfortable to get a large amount of retweets so it feels your inbox, who knows why we do it.

If you’re on a night out with your friends at the local night club and you’re taking pictures of your friends when they are wasted! Where do we all go then? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Do we choose Facebook, because you have that sense of privacy and you can just tag all your friends who were there. Or would you post it to Twitter again, making it go viral and posting to the whole world? Im not really sure.

When you’re talking about sports on social media, again where are you posting that? Facebook, Twitter? Do you post it on Facebook with your friends? Or are we going to Twitter so we can create a debate with people around the world.

With that in mind… What is your Go-to Social media? For me its Twitter, as a person i like talking to people and i feel by going on Twitter i can do this much better than going on to Facebook talking to my old friends who are in a different sector to me and have a totally different personality to me.