written by Abby Avery
How to get more value out of your order confirmation emails

It may feel like you only implemented order confirmation emails because you felt you had to and because everyone else was doing it; but they’re more important than you may think. In today’s digital age, yes every customer does expect to receive an email confirming their order or booking after they’ve made a purchase online; and if they don’t receive one,, they’ll likely be in touch with your customer services querying whether their order was received or not. (Maybe that’s why you finally implemented those automatic emails)?

But if you think about it, all of your recent customers are expecting this email, and as a result, order confirmation emails have a 70% open rate which I’m sure you’ll find is far greater than any of your other emails. So, this provides the perfect opportunity to reach out to your customer once again, whilst your brand is still fresh in their mind. Now’s the chance to ask them again to sign up to your mailing list, or present them with a repeat order promotion, or ask them to share a photo or follow you on social media. Basically, when done correctly, order confirmation emails can be an excellent way to increase brand loyalty, repeat orders, newsletter sign-ups, product knowledge and awareness, and drive traffic to your blog, social media channels or even back to your website.

So, what you can take away from this, is that if you’re not optimising your order confirmation emails, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. And it’s an easy one to do (but if you do need any help, we’re a dab hand at them). You could simply add some text to your standard order confirmation email with your optimised messaging, but for better results, you really should create a branded and engaging email that will grab your audience’s attention and keep them reading and feeling inspired to take further action. You want them to enjoy their time and shopping experience with your brand, so make sure you capture the excitement of their new purchase in your confirmation emails. Hausera achieves this perfectly by congratulating the customer on purchasing fixtures that are used for remodelling projects. 




What to include in your order confirmation emails

Whilst there is room for creativity in your emails, there are several essential pieces of information that must be included to provide the information that your customer needs and expects. The basic information that you NEED to include in your order confirmation is:

  • The name of the product(s) ordered (it’s great if you can also include the product image)
  • The quantities of each product 
  • The price paid for each product
  • The order reference number (this needs to be displayed clearly for the customer to find)
  • Their payment information including billing address
  • The delivery address
  • The delivery method and delivery date (ideally with the ability to track their order)
  • Business contact information in case the customer has any issues


How to increase sales with your order confirmation emails

Once all of the above information has been provided, you can include your promotional messages below. Always ensure that the essential order information is at the top, and any extra information is at the bottom. Uber’s emails are an excellent example for this. Their emails have a sleek design with lots of white space and a clear blue CTA button encouraging customers to leave a tip for their driver if they wish. The friendly thank you message at the top of their email is another great way to encourage the customer to have further interactions with their business.



Don’t forget  to write an attention grabbing and relevant subject headline for your email too. Some examples could include: Something good is coming your way or We have an update about your order. Both of these should encourage the customer to open your email.


Order confirmation email CTAs

There are lots of ways that you can add value to your business using your automated confirmation emails through useful CTAs, and they can be changed depending on what your business goals are at the time. Some ideas include:

  • Keep shopping
  • Refer a friend 
  • Follow us on social media
  • Similar products you may like
  • Track your order
  • View or manage your order
  • Contact customer care
  • Download the app
  • Read our blog






Once you’ve planned all of your content, don’t forget to ensure that your email design is optimised for mobile, and the information is ‘skimmable’ so the customer can find the information that they’re looking for quickly and easily.