written by Abby Avery
How to make your digital brand more human and approachable online

In today’s world, it’s essential for your business to have an online presence. Potential customers head straight to search engines and social media when they’re looking for a product, service or recommendations. But as nearly every business is now online, the digital space has become crowded. Digital ad spend is also on the rise so online consumers are increasingly bombarded with sales messages and promotions from multiple brands at a time. With everyone doing the same thing, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd and have your brand heard through all of the digital noise. Following the latest trends and technology keeps your business up to speed with everyone else, but to really shine above the rest, you need to go the extra mile and connect with your audience.

Even though you may never meet your customers, they interact with your business in so many ways, and often (and hopefully!) go through long journeys with your business and develop a strong relationship. Despite only having digital interactions with them, it’s so important to remember that these customers are real people. They’re human and therefore should be treated as such. Easier said than done , but to really stand out, you need to learn to leverage technology to connect with your audience by being more human and approachable. You need to evoke emotion, make them laugh, share your story, inspire them, make them take action, connect with them in a real way.

So how do you do this from behind a computer screen? Below, we’ve listed several great ways to make your brand more human which will have you shining above the over-crowded digital noise.


Be authentic

First and foremost, you need to make sure your brand is authentically you – not anyone else. By not trying to be like anyone else, you should start to develop an individual tone of voice and personality that people can recognise and connect with. Sometimes it can help to give your brand a human persona to help you define it. Just imagine, if your brand was a person, who would they be? What would they be like? Think about their likes, dislikes, values, experiences, desires and mannerisms.

Being your own person will help to define you amongst anyone else, particularly competitors, and attract customers through your familiar energy and the value which that brings. Great ways help your brand personality to shine through include sharing your story and engaging your audience to be part of your journey and having conversations with them online. Social media is the perfect place for this, as well as your company blog or customer forums. This is perfect for small businesses, as being transparent and forming relationships with your customers by genuinely getting to know each other will allow you to grow together.


Know and nurture your audience

This brings us onto our next point nicely, which is to ensure that you really take the time to learn about your digital audience. The more you know about them, the more successful you should be. By learning who they are and what they want, you’ll be able to create better content that you know they’ll love, better products, better services and a better online experiences. Your marketing efforts will be better defined and accurately targeted, therefore reducing costs and increasing ROI.




Focus on your core social media channel(s)

You need to put effort, care and thought into everything that you do online. Social media, for a lot of companies, will be their main point of contact between themselves and their customers. Social media is also the place where customers will connect with you, talk to their friends about you, read your content, follow your journey, discover new products and send messages and enquiries. To earn a well engaged following, your content needs to be engaging! Its needs to be authentic and add value to the consumer, whilst feeling like you’re a member of their friends list. If you don’t have a digital marketing agency to manage your social media for you, then it’s best to focus on just one or two social media channels first, and get them to be the best they can be, before adding more. You may feel like you need to be present on every single social media channel because your competitors are, but if you spread yourself to thin, and don’t have the time or resources to make each account outstanding, then you’ll be doing your business a disservice. Once you’ve learnt about who your ideal audience is and where they hang out online, you’ll be able to prioritise your social channels better.


Provide thoughtful visuals

You may think that time spent trawling through stock imagery websites is time well spent as it provides your business with high quality and professional imagery quickly and easily, but you may be wrong. It’s a shortcut that does provide visuals but it’s not going to make you stand out. In fact, stock imagery makes you the same as everyone else and customers are starting to notice this lack of effort and authenticity.

What your customers really want to see are your own images. They want an insight into your business behind the scenes. A snapshot of your processes, products, team members, personalities, achievements and mile stones. You don’t need to plan a photoshoot and hire a professional photographer for this every time, but ensure you do scrub up on some basic photography tips and try to take some interesting and good quality pictures that would interest and benefit your audience. Take this to the next level and opt for video content.




Share your passion with your audience

There’s a reason why your business exists, and more often than not, it’s because you’ve found a way to make a living from something that you’re passionate about. Your energy and effort is often ignited by that passion and if you share this feeling with your customers, that passion and energy will be exuded onto them and your business will become more personal and attractive to them. Share all of yours wins and successes, big and small. Share your journey, what you’ve overcome and the reasons behind your actions and what it is that drives you and your business. Give your customers a reason to connect with you and just share the information that you want them to know. Find a way that they can relate to you for that special personal connection.


Digital marketing

Storytelling and visuals are key to capturing that personality. You know your brand more than anyone, but if you need help portraying it in the most effective way to drive results, Aspurian Digital can help. We’d love to discuss your journey, past, present and future; so drop as an email or give us a call to chat.