Jan 27, 2014

Create Your Own Coca-Cola Coke Can…But You Can’t Use The Word ‘Gay’…

written by Anya Amrith
Coca-Cola Personalised Coke Can

We are sure you have heard the news about Coca-Cola’s new social media campaign – customers get to create their own personalised can of the sugary goodness that is formally known as Coke. Simple, but we all love seeing our name on something right…never gets old.

But what if you want to personalise your coke in a different way, not by your name, but by your sexuality for example…

Coca-Cola Personalise a Coke- 'Gay' error

Coca-Cola Personalise a Coke- ‘Gay’

Well…sorry, you can’t. Actually, we are fibbing there; you can, if you’re straight. But not if you are Gay. Customers tried to enter ‘Gay’ into the personalising tool and were greeted with this message…whoops.

Coca-Cola error message for 'Gay'

Coca-Cola error message for ‘Gay’ on personalising a coke…

But that didn’t stop the clever social media lovers of finding a way to out-smart Coca-Cola’s anti-gay vibe…they simply expressed it in other ways…Kudos.

Coca-Cola Personalised Coke Can

Finding a way round Coca-Cola’s anti-gay word…#creative

We are aware that Buzzfeed.com have challenged the soft-drink giants about this error message and are awaiting a response…

How will you personalise your coke? Share it with us…


*Images from shareacoke.co.za