Nov 19, 2014

How to create a blog with a bang!

written by Anya Amrith
Blog with a bang!
Regardless of whether you are a small business or a multinational company, blogging is integral to your online content marketing strategy. Your blog gives you the opportunity to create relevant content for your customers, and use as a marketing tactic to drive traffic back to your website.
A good blog will help:
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Increase your SEO/ SERP
  • Position your brand as an industry leader
  • Develop better customer relationships
Here are some tips to help your post capture the reader’s imagination and pull them deeper into your content.
  • Ask a Question – Opening your post with a question is a rhetorical device (hence, the “rhetorical question”) that creates curiosity and gets the reader thinking. Thinking means active engagement with your writing…
  • Cite a Shocking Statistic – Starting off with an interesting statistic or fact is also a great technique. People love being wowed with interesting data, but only if it is unique, startling, or even shocking. The statistic should also be directly relevant to the point of your blog.
  • Use an Analogy, Metaphor or Simile – Analogies, metaphors and similes are some of the most powerful devices available when it comes to telling a story. It’s a great way to capture a reader’s attention and also acts to provoke mental imagery that allows readers to tell a story to themselves.
Another essential part of your blog post is the closing. A great way to close is to tie back into your opening. ​Remember, a catchy blog title is important to first get readers attention, but you must ensure your blog reads interesting too, to keep readers attention; and for them to then share.