written by Abby Avery
C-Commerce: Facebook Rolls Out New CTA in Stories Ads

Facebook and Instagram Stories have been increasingly gaining momentum since their inception and brands seem to well and truly have the hang of them now. If you’re not already using Stories for your business in your digital marketing strategy then you’re already falling behind; consumers now expect to see branded Stories and they’ve become fully integrated into the common social media strategy. Try for yourself and see the increase in your post engagement and conversion rates.

According to Facebook, there are now more than a billion active Stories users, and more than 3 million businesses are now utilising ads in their Stories. 

The ‘Send Message’ CTA has been seen for 3 years now on usual business posts and ads that appear in our Newsfeeds, and so it seems a natural progression to implement this CTA into Stories ads using their ‘swipe up’ feature. 


Facebook’s new ‘Send Message’ CTA in Stories Ads

How it works: Users can now swipe up on a Story ad and tap the new ‘send message’ CTA to start a conversation with the business in Messenger without leaving the app that they’re in. This new feature has rolled out across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger Stories.

We often talk about the need to offer more personalised brand experiences for our consumers and this is a great way to directly offer a connection with the user, whilst being conversational, personal and helpful. It provides yet another engagement mechanism for Facebook advertisers and helps to shorten customer journeys and conversion cycles. 

Time will soon tell just how much value this new feature will add to our own businesses but we can certainly see the value and convenience that this provides to our audience. Saying that, initial studies and tests are already proving extremely positive. Facebook has found that 7 out of 9 brands who used this new messenger CTA in their Story campaigns saw an increase in conversions. This included app installs, add to carts, purchases and registrations, which just shows how versatile this platform really can be.




So why is a ‘send message’ call-to-action so effective?

Well, for a start there are over 1.3 billion people across the world using the Messenger app every month, and until recently messenger apps have remained a relatively untapped space.

Facebook has been putting a lot of work into researching the increasing use of messenger apps to contact brands and they’ve uncovered some really interesting findings. 

First of all, collectively, the monthly use of the big 4 messaging apps (WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber and WeChat) has actually surpassed the use of the big 4 social media apps (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Facebook has also discovered that there are over 2 billion messages being sent between users and businesses every single month on Facebook Messenger alone. Their in-depth consumer research has also found that 53% of users would rather talk to a business on Messenger than to phone them and 53% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company if they can message them directly. Instant responses add credibility to your business and adds trust between your brand and the consumer. Their studies show that almost 1 in 3 users indicated that they chat with a business on messenger apps to determine whether or not they are trustworthy and credible.

With data like this, it’s clear to see why ‘send message’ CTAs can help to increase conversion rates. If a customer wants the answer to a question they have, then they want to know that answer now, not in 3-5 working days, and not even by leaving the app they’re using to find a website or Facebook page and to then find a contact button. 

They may not even have a query big enough to warrant the effort of finding out the answer. You may be advertising a product in your Story, and at that moment the user sees it and likes your product, out of curiosity  they might wonder if you have it in their size, or whether you ship to their address. They weren’t thinking about that purchase before they saw your Story, but now it’s there in front of them, and they just have to tap one button on the same screen to ask a question, then they might as well.




The rise of C-Commerce

This all ties into the rising trend which has been identified as ‘C-Commerce’ or ‘Conversational Commerce’. This term defines the act of merging online shopping with messaging apps and it definitely looks like it’s here to stay and a major trend to keep an eye on. Have you implemented a C-Commerce strategy for your business? If you need any help with this, drop us a message.