Aug 1, 2013

Buying the Bots – #twitterfollowers

written by Anya Amrith

You may have heard it already, but Twitter has been cracking down on all the fake followers. The news that Twitter has been deleting fake followers is very welcome, especially in exposing those who have been purchasing followers! Well done Twitter!! I just hope Facebook do the same.

Many celebrities have also been exposed as buyers of fake followers, a shocking revelation in the world of Twitter. One famous person is Amir Khan who lost 1 million twitter followers, although some of these he managed to scrape back after complaining to Twitter…

Jody Morris Twitter Feed

Twitter Bots

And it doesn’t stop there. Organisations have been buying twitter followers to increase their brand.

This could spell trouble for the many companies who offer you 1000 twitter followers for $2 – this seems like a bargain for someone who wants to appear to be more popular than they actually are.

But here’s the thing: Most of these twitter followers that are bought are mostly created by robots, some computer somewhere in the world that is told to continuously generate fake Twitter accounts. The same can also be done for Facebook many more social media channels.

In reality, it takes hard work and time to gain twitter followers from real people. But the rewards are worth it. Keeping active and posting engaging content is the key. The more social you are, the more followers you gain. And once you gain a momentum, more people will follow. Real people will follow.

It’s down to quality, not quantity.

So don’t be a #twitterloser you don’t need to buy followers!!