Jan 10, 2014

Why buying fake Twitter followers will ruin your business…

written by Anya Amrith
Why buying Twitter followers will ruin your business..

Why buying Twitter followers will ruin your business..

It’s so easy to spot fake followers these days; or when someone, or a business, has paid for more followers. Not only does this send out a really loud message of desperation, it also shows you are inauthentic and that you just don’t get the point of social media.

We cringe when we are in earshot of someone saying ‘just buy followers, you’ll look popular’. So much so, we are am tempted to but in and rant. We refrain and just pity them.

So why do it? Vanity? Fear of being inadequate compared to competition? Strength in numbers? To look like you have greater marketing reach than they actually do? If you take nothing from this blog, please understand that quality trumps quantity every time where social media is concerned.

So how does it work?

In some dingy, dark, far corner of the world, where national minimum wage is non existent, there are people who create free email accounts, then an associated Twitter account. They then steal a headshot of some poor person, usually a super hot guy or girl, create a Twitter profile and start tweeting random stuff, randomly.

From there they create a second account and start to follow the first account/each other. Then they create a third, fourth and so on; appearing to look like ‘real’ users. They then start to follow real people for money. Kerchingggg.

I’m sure some super smart people have also built internet ‘bots’ that do this whole ordeal/process more efficiently too.

We can kinda see how 10,000 followers for $99 or even $50 (not mentioning any names) might look attractive, and make you feel like you are loved.

BUT, and it is a but of Jennifer Lopez magnitude, you will likely get rumbled and just end up ruining any credibility you had in the first place, alienating yourself from REAL followers, who could have turned into real business, and gaining a reputation for being ‘fake’.What’s worse, you won’t know you have been rumbled; people won’t tell you ‘Hi, you have fake followers, why are you doing that?’ People (usually in droves) will just think ‘how sad’ and move on to a genuine account where they then may give someone else their custom and loyalty.

Social media is like the little girl in that nursery rhyme…‘when it’s good it’s really good and when it’s bad, it’s horrid.’ Remember, whilst social media is a great tool for marketing your awesome business or product & spreading ‘good news’ – bad reviews and reputations are shared too, quickly.

Think on…