Jan 7, 2015

If Brand Attitude Is Everything, What Does Yours Say About You?

written by Anya Amrith

No matter what you do with your personal brand, it’s going to have an attitude. This is not meant in the “his attitude stinks” sense. We’re referring to the unique attitude that you create when you develop a personal brand. So make sure your brands attitude is one that reflects you and your ethos.

The world is full of people and brands trying to be just like one another, with lots of band-wagon boarding. If you or your business have something unique to bring to the world don’t shrink from being who you really are online. Often the most successful personal brands are those who don’t shrink back from who they are.

That said, don’t set out without thinking about your customers and how what you post or tweet may affect them. The customer is king, especially nowadays where word-of-mouth carries more weight than ever before. You’re not the only one who gets to create your personal brand attitude, remember that. Other people help you by writing testimonials about you or passing on their opinion via word of mouth; so love thy customer and engage with those who love thy brand!

Remember, you can have attitude without being annoying. But the fact is, some people aren’t going to like you; just like in real life, and it’s true in your personal online brand. You can’t make everyone like you, and you don’t need to try. As long as you are who you are, the right people will gravitate to your brand; and when they do, nurture that connection and engage with them. Never overlook loyal customers or followers in pursuit of vanity metrics; new likes don’t automatically mean new business.

Anya Lane
CEO, Aspurian Digital Ltd