Dec 3, 2014

Aspurian Work Experience – Safenames Visit

written by Anya Amrith

This week at Aspurian we have two work experience students from the Hazeley Academy, who’ve come in to learn about how our company works and who does what tasks; so they can get an experience of just how work life is, compared to going to school.

During their time with us they have visited where our servers are located and seen how everything runs behind the scenes. These are some of their thoughts on what they have learnt so far this week at Aspurian…

Timmy Ogunkunle:

The data centre we went to is called Safenames Ltd. In this company they keep domain names and web hosting. They do this for small companies, like the local plumber, to very big companies.

They protect and keep everything safe. There is a room full of servers which is split into two. All co location companies are on one side of the room and the other side contains information on Safenames; this was done to stop confusion.

What people think:

“We have been using Safenames Domain Name services for three years now. So far, we have migrated 4,150 domains and created over 55 sub-accounts with Safenames. This process has been very smooth, and we have found many of the Safenames International Domain Portal (IDP) features very beneficial for our everyday domain activities. We required this migration to be totally seamless with zero unavailability, and I can safely say this level of service has always been achieved.”

Neil Tubb
Head of Global Technical Operations – Informal

I think it is very good and I would trust my company domain name with them as they have a lot of loyal customers, and older customers like it too. They have also worked internationally.  Safenames has the ability to register domain names in over 240 countries and international territories which include over 700 extensions.

Krish Mistry

Safenames are a valuable asset in helping us maintain their domain name portfolio. Safenames protect your brand with the most extensive direct domain registration services and comprehensive management tools of any registrar in the world. It also maximises the reach of your domain names by ensuring that web traffic meant for your site, actually reaches your web site. Safenames has never allowed a domain name to be stolen or have never inadvertently deleted a domain name. It secures your names and prevents cyber-squatters, domain hijackers, and unauthorised DNS changes from impacting your business.

Safenames has a state-of-the-art data center located in Milton Keynes that has a direct fiber connection into the Internet backbone in the United Kingdom. The hardware for their hosting options resides only in the data center and under their management. Safenames believes that ensuring the security of your domain name registrations and the Internet services associated with your domains is one of the most important aspects of portfolio management. As your registrar, they can advise you on how to configure your Safenames IDP account with tiered permission level access and can provide you with the best security practices for managing a large domain name portfolio.

Safenames offers a wide array of specialised domain security features stemming from over ten years of experience managing domain portfolios. Safenames can help keep your domains safe from cyber-criminals and individuals who may want to cause harm to your company as well as inadvertent mistakes made by your internal employees such as accidental DNS changes. Safenames offers a variety of domain locks and dual authentication options to secure your domain portfolio and to prevent unauthorised transfers or DNS changes – Safenames can provide advanced access to only those individuals authorised to access key areas of your account.

Anya Lane
CEO, Aspurian Digital Ltd