May 22, 2013

#ADRoom101- FB Love Hate Posts

written by Anya Amrith
Facebook Love Hate Posts


Happy hump day! I always feel a bit rude saying that. Well its that time again, #WingeWednesday and todays annoying ‘thing’ I am getting rid of to AD’s Room 101 is ‘Overly personal posts/Airing your dirty laundry on Facebook.’

I am currently humming ‘Don’t push me coz i’m close to the edge…I’m trying not to lose my head’ as these posts have seriously taken me to the brink of insanity this week.

Now this annoyance comes in two forms; in my humble opinion.

1. Overly personal posts: This is a major cringe and usually comes in the form of full-blown conversations on Facebook between a couple that sees each other every minute or every day and is probably even sitting next to each other on the sofa as they post. Eurgh.

‘My man Mr Shabba is just so amazing. I am the luckiest girl in the world. Beautiful chinese & flowers. Time for snuggles now n a movie xxxxx’

Mr Shabba: ‘Aww babez I am the lucky one. Best gf in the world.’

‘No I am the lucky one xoxo’

Mr Shabba: ‘We both are babez x’

I am changing Facbook to Vombook if this continues.This is too much people. Love is a beautiful thing, but keep it between the two of you so we don’t have it all rammed down our throats 24/7. Do you think posting on Facebook makes your relationship more real or better?

…I’m not finished…

2. Airing your dirty laundry on Facebook: Posting publicly about private or sensitive matters pertaining to family, friends, religious beliefs, or health. The below popped up on my FB feed last week…

‘Don’t let family members grind you down baby, if it continues they know who they are and need to watch their backs. Here for you always my baby girl x’

And this…

‘Just want to let everyone know that me n Jonjo arent together no more coz he’s bin sleeping around. So when I change my relationship status plz don’t start asking me y.’ 

REALLY? Why would you want to tell a bunch of people (who you probably haven’t seen since school) that you’ve been cheated on. This is not Jeremy Kyle. I just don’t understand (and never will) why you would want everyone to know about your dirty laundry via social media?

Now when I see these posts I simply post ‘KITY’ (Keep It to Yourself) then start culling. Soz.

Surely I am not the only victim of this? What is the worse posts you’ve seen?