May 22, 2013

ADRoom101 – Sharing

written by Anya Amrith


Right, #WingeWednesday time guys and todays annoying ‘thing’ I am getting rid of to AD’s Room 101 is SHARING.

I know they say sharing is caring and caring is sharing but I don’t care and I don’t wanna share; capiche.

Let me elaborate on my hissy-fit reasoning there as the above sentence is on par with armchair warrior reasoning. What I mean by ‘sharing’ is…on every website going nowadays, anything I look at, read, but more importantly purchase, I am being pushed to share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pintrest…the list goes on.

The concept of sharing in principle is top dollar; sure I might hit ‘like’ on something my mates could also like, a dress or some music perhaps. Or share an article they would enjoy reading about a new gadget; that I understand…I’m sharing and caring right? It’s fundamentally a great marketing tool if used appropriately, spreading the word of your brand, initiating a relationship and driving traffic back to an original source.

But the issue I have with the sharing phenomenon is when I am being prompted at every click, just after buying hemorrhoid cream or my anti-cellulite wrap, to share this with my Facebook friends or Twitter followers…er really? Too much info. No. Just no.

This is an example where ramming it down my throat to share is not going to make me like your brand, it is in fact going to just royally p*** me off. It makes me think that rather than enabling a sharing facility for your consumers (who are always right and whom you love) to share great stuff to enhance the experience, you are actually just ticking boxes and haven’t thought about my customer journey at all.

The ‘Customer Journey’ is essential. A good customer journey on a website can establish a long lasting relationship and brand loyalty. A bad one can result in me clickity clicking elsewhere.

Over ‘n’ out.