Sep 20, 2019

50 Awesome Social Media Post Ideas for your Business

written by Abby Avery
50 Awesome Social Media Post Ideas for your Business


Keeping up with your business’s social media can be tough. At first you may be feeling quite inspired and enjoy creatively promoting your business, but as time goes on, it becomes a chore, and ideas for content start to dry out. Sound familiar?

You have a million and one other things to do to run your business, and social media eventually goes on the backburner, and you avoid looking at it to spare the guilt. Appointing a digital marketing agency is like a breath of fresh air when you finally put your business’s social life in someone else’s expert hands (like ours!)

Until then however, we’re also here to help guide you through the world of digital marketing, and offer tips and advice to improve your business on our blog. For those struggling with content for their social media, we’ve pulled together 50 brilliant ideas that you can post for your business.  


1. Meet the team 

Let your audience see the people behind your brand for a more personal connection with them. You can keep it lighthearted and share interesting and fun facts about each person. Ensure your images are high quality and on-brand.


2. A weekly or monthly series

This could be a blog post on the same topic shared each week, a chance to answer your audience’s questions, or new tip or piece of advice, or a chance to host guest speakers/ writers. Basically, pick a subject, give it a name, and post about it on set intervals to provide value and keep your audience engaged. 


3. A competition or giveaway


4. Share user generated content

UGC or ‘user generated content’ is usually a piece of content (e.g. a photo, video or written piece) about your brand that you can use, which was created by a customer. Often if you sell a product, UGC will likely be a customer sharing an image of them using your product. If it’s good quality, this is a great piece of content for your social media. It shows your product or service in the real world. It’s more reliable and makes your brand more trustworthy. Just be sure to tag the original author.



5. Ask a question


6. Repurpose old content

Blog posts are great for this. Take a snippet of text, or an image and reshare it with a fresh caption.


7. Jump on trending topics

Think about what’s happening in the world RIGHT NOW. Be current and in the moment and find a way to relate your business to it in a clever and creative way. Look at national awareness days or what’s being talked about in the news right now.



8. Jump on trending hashtags

Take a look at the trending hashtags on Twitter and find a way to use one of them for your business.


9. Create a short video

Videos are the best type of content for social media for the best engagement rates. It doesn’t need to be whole film, just a few seconds is absolutely fine. Under one minute is best (especially for Instagram, but keep it under 2 minutes as a maximum for social media). You could share clips or close-ups of your product details, service or product being used, a walk through of your office or store, your team at work, drawing, typing, the possibilities are endless.


10. Create a GIF

We love making GIFs for social media! They’re a fun, affordable and an engaging way to bring your social media profiles to life.



11. Share behind the scenes

Give your audience a sneak peak behind the scenes of your business to help them get to know your brand. This can be done for several posts as customers love to see posts like this. You could share a team day out, a day in the life, desk images, packaging images, creating, meetings, talking, the list goes on. Be creative and have fun with it. 


12. Share a customer review

Always ask for reviews and make sure you share them! They add so much credibility to your business.


13. Talk about your brand history

What inspired you to start your business? How did you get it started? What motivated you? What milestones have you reached? What hurdles have you faced?


14. Create a poll

It could be as simple as ‘who’s looking forward to the weekend’, ‘which is your favourite [product]’. You can ask anything that is relevant to your brand or suits your brand personality and values, and they don’t need to be serious question, but just for fun.


15. Share a quote 


16. Create an explainer image or video

An infographic or video is an excellent way to explain your video creatively, without writing out a load of text that people will be unlikely to read.


17. Share a detail shot

This could be close-up image of one of your products or elements of your service. Add a catchy caption and your done. Easy.


18. Ask for ‘likes if..’




19. Share a ‘did you know?’

This could be a fun way to interact with your audience, get them commenting on your post, and teaching them something about your brand. Create an image asset with an interesting fact about your business and/or founders. The more interesting the better. Maybe something about the initial planning stage of your business? Was it supposed to be something else? Did something happen by chance or coincidence?


20. Partner with an influencer

Gift your products or services to an influencer and have them share a photo or video in return. You could also donate one of your products as a prize for one of their giveaways or collaborate on a limited edition product, designed/endorsed by the influencer. Just do your research and ensure that the chosen influencer is relevant to your brand and audience.


21. Post a play-on-words

Because everyone loves a good pun.


22. Customer of the month

This is a really effective way to get enagagement from your audience and content for your business. Ask you audience to share an image of them using your product or service for the chance to win a prize. Do this every month. The bigger the prize, the better the response.


23. Product of the week

Highlight selected products and turn it into a weekly post.


24. Share a blog post


25. Post an offer or promotion


26. Share ideas

Such as ideas how to use or customise your product or service. Be creative!



27. Share a ‘how to’

Everyone loves a tutorial, and videos are best. It could be how to style your product, how to maintain it, how to use your service, how to order, try several videos over a few months.


28. Promote seasonal events/ products


29. Share a fact or statistic


30. Share what inspires you



31. Image of your product/service being used

You want your customers to be able to visualise owning your product or paying for your service.


32. Sneak preview of upcoming products/ services


33. Announcement countdown

It could be an upcoming sale or promotion, or the release of a new collection or service. Whatever it is, build up interest and suspense in advance and start a countdown to the big reveal.


34. Introduce new products

People aren’t going to look for new products or services on your website if you don’t tell them about them. Keep your offering and your content fresh by keeping you audience updated with new releases.


35. Ask for feedback


36. Styled shots

If you don’t have any images to share, make them! Style a photo for the purpose of social media and add a caption. 


37. Share your view

People want to know more about the brand’s their engaging with. Wherever you’re working from, if there’s a nice view, share it with your customers! You could even ask them to do the same.



38. Share an interview


39. The making of…

In today’s society, people really care where their purchases came from. By sharing an image or video of your product being made or designed, your new office being renovated, or your service being put together, your audience will be really interested to see it.


40. Highlight USPs

You don’t want all of your social media posts to be product advertisements. Your audience will quickly get bored. Aim for about 1 in 5 posts to be sales oriented. When it is time to promote your products, make sure you highlight your USP. What makes you different from your competitors?


41. #TBT

On Thursdays, share an old post, memory or business milestone and caption it Throwback Thursday and that’s another easy post done and dusted.


42. #MondayMotivation

Even the best of us need a little motivation on a Monday, so share an inspiring post and add a hashtag. Bonus points if you can find one that directly relates to your business. 


43. Team up with other brands

An excellent way to increase your reach and visibility is to partner up with another brand, even if it’s just for one post. Find a company within the same niche that is non-competitive and promote each other. If you’re an illustrator, team up with an Art’s supplier! If you’re a hairdresser, team up with a make-up artist, clothing brand with an accessories brand, etc.


44. Happy Friday

There’s nothing wrong with just sharing your customers’ joy and wishing them a happy Friday. Share a relatable image showing your audience how you’re spending your day, how you plan to spend your weekend (keep it on brand) or a creative lifestyle shot of your products/service.



45. Tips and advice

This could include visuals with cleaning or care instructions or out-of-the-box ways to use your product or service.


46. Gallery of images 

Share a number of product images in one post and ask your audience questions. ‘Which is your favourite?’ Or, ‘How do you wear/ use yours?’


47. Highlight business milestones and achievements


48. Share any PR mentions

You’ve worked hard to get your business mentioned in the media, so make sure you share any features when you get them.


49. Work in progress

What are you working on right now? Are you right in the middle of a project or starting a new design? Give your audience updates along the way.


50. Share upcoming events/ shows/ jobs


To make managing your social media easier, plan ahead and create a content calendar so you know what will be posted and when. This is helpful to not miss any key dates in the calendar too. Using a scheduling app takes the constant stress out of posting and will leave you feeling much more organised. Don’t forget to consistently check your social media analytics to find out what types of posts are performing well, and which are not, to help you plan the most effective and engaging content in the future.

Our biggest piece of advice is that social media is about being social, so just be social with your audience! And as we’re talking about your business social media, always ensure that the content you share is high quality and relevant to your brand and audience. The more you learn about your audience, the easier it will be. 

Time, creativity and resources are often the biggest barriers to a thriving social media presence, and that’s where we can step in and help. If you’d like an expert to manage your social media accounts, drop us a message. We’d be more than happy to help.