Jun 29, 2015

5 Essential Steps For Any Marketing Strategy

written by Anya Amrith

When it comes to Marketing your business, the idea of a great viral campaign always lights up peoples eyes and has them envisaging how everyone will know about their brand and product, across the world, in days, moments even.

But the stark reality with any marketing is that it’s almost impossible to predict what campaigns will go viral & which will flop. However, there are best practices you can stick to and base your marketing strategy on to help give it the best shot of reaching as many people as possible and promoting your brand or business.

Tip 1: KEEP IT SIMPLE – This is the holy grail of any marketing campaign or effort. Your audience do not want to take exams, or have to decipher the latest mystery to know what you are trying to tell them. Your campaign cannot be complicated. Send a novel to your target audience & they won’t pass it on. Keep it short. Keep it to the point. Utilise key words, bullet points or succinct slogans/messages!

Tip 2: BE VISUAL – The things that go viral are the things that are visually appealing! We like to eat with our eyes first and if something captures our eye visually, it captures our attention. Add video or images to your campaign and think carefully about the look and feel of it, based on your target audience!

Tip 3: USE EMOTION – Viral campaigns are the ones that tug on people’s emotions. Everything around us might be digital and feel robotic, but humans aren’t. Whether you opt for humour or sentiment, emotion is working, so try to use it; sincerely.

Tip 4: KNOW YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE – Sure, you want and think everyone and their dog should love your brand and business. But in reality, not everyone is your customer; so it is important to know them, or get to know them. A campaign with cats and dogs doing silly things is great for a Pet Store or Vets, but it’s not going to reach executive level bankers. Ask yourself:

  • Who are my target audience? Local? Regional? National?
  • When are they most likely to be online, visiting social media sites?
  • What does my audience want from me?
  • Do they want to be entertained?
  • Do they want information or advice?

Tip 5: DON’T OVERDO IT – Don’t ram your new campaign too hard down your audiences throats. If they are going to like and respond to it, they will. If not, no amount of blasting is going to make it happen. Launch your campaign at a strategic time, remind your audience about it casually, and then see what happens.

Remember, your goal should be to increase exposure for your brand, but also to improve your relationship with your existing audience by giving them something of value. Listen to your audience and engage with them. They will be your brand ambassadors going forward!

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Anya Lane
CEO, Aspurian Digital Ltd