Jan 2, 2014

3 Social Media New Year Resolutions…

written by Anya Amrith
Social Media Resolutions

Social Media Resolutions

‘New Year, New Me.’ Yadda Yadda Yadda. Loose weight, swear box in the office, travel more, don’t sit glued to your iPad at family gatherings, join the gym…the list for our personal selves goes on. But what about our virtual selves?

2014 is a great time for a Digital Makeover…(jog on Gok, we got this).

Social Media is booming and has overtaken porn as the number 1 activity on the web. Social Media is everywhere, and everyone who is anyone is doing it; hence we suggest you start this New Year with a savvier and cooler approach to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and other social channels.

1. Less is more – Whether personally or professionally, try to avoid a flurry of Facebook updates, or rapid-fire tweeting. Unless you are live from Armageddon or about to launch into space, don’t overwhelm peoples feeds – they will probably remain your friends for longer.

Similarly, a cool, artful Instagram photo (again personally or from a brand) can be well received; eight photos in a hour, not so cool.

2. Check your facts first – No, Tom Cruise didn’t die in a car crash in Australia in April, and Morgan Freeman didn’t pass away five different times either; thankfully.  But you wouldn’t know that right away from all the breathless posts on Facebook and Twitter. Yawn.

Social media is awesome for calling people and businesses out on revealed truths, but it  can spread misinformation just as fast. Avoid your followers and friends stop trusting you, Snopes.com is a good source for debunking these rumors.

Or you could just use common sense.

3. Go easy on the selfies – ‘selfie’ was the ‘thing’ in 2013, even Prime Ministers and Presidents were doing it. Admittedly, we like a selfie, IF it is with a cool celebrity, wearing a ridiculous outfit or costume, or, in front of a super cool view or landmark like the Grand Canyon.

What we don’t like, and we strongly advise you ease up on, is endless pictures of yourself in front of your bathroom mirror trying to impersonate daffy duck; social media is already narcissistic enough.

Tell us your social media new year resolutions….

Happy New Year! AD x