Jan 21, 2019

New Year, New You? Discover the Web Design Trends Dominating 2019

written by Abby Avery

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; your website is the face of your brand and it is so important to get it right! Ensuring that it looks good and is easy to use goes without saying, but this isn’t something that can just be implemented at the beginning and then left to serve its purpose. A website needs to be nurtured, constantly tested, evolved and optimised.

Each year we see changing trends in web design, and as businesses keep up with these trends, customers start to get used to what a website ‘should’ look like. If they then stumble upon yours which hasn’t been updated since its original build in 2010, you’re going to lose credibility.

It’s important to note that new emerging website design trends are not just cosmetic. They don’t just come around to force your site to be more ‘trendy’; website design trends occur due to changes in search engine algorithms. Keeping your website up-to-date is essential for your SEO and ensuring that you are performing well on SERPs.

For 2019, Google has pushed the website trends to focus on delivering a better user journey, prioritising speed and mobile sites, simple, powerful designs with asymmetric layouts and immersive video backgrounds.


2019 Website Design Trend #1: Mobile-First Website Design

Last year, Google launched mobile-first indexing, which you can read more about on our SEO blog post here. Due to the increase in mobile users, Google now prioritises content and links from mobile web pages which means that when you look at your web design next, you need to start with the mobile, otherwise all of your design and SEO efforts will likely be wasted.




2019 Website Design Trend #2: Prioritise Your Website’s Speed

Research has revealed that users spend just three seconds to decide whether or not they will stay your site and that’s after expecting the website to load within three seconds or less.

In addition to this, Google released a new Speed Update algorithm in 2018 so web designers need to prioritise this if they want to improve a website’s SEO.


2019 Website Design Trend #3: Create Micro-Interactions For Your Users

Micro-interactions are small responses to actions taken on your website, for example the noise you hear when you refresh your social feed. They make your site feel more inviting and human, and we can expect to see much more of these in 2019.

When you hover your mouse over an element or click a button, changing colours, expanding menus and chimes will be subtle ways to make users feel more involved and make websites feel smarter.


2019 Website Design Trend #4: Embrace a Flat, Minimalist Design

Due to the focus on page load time, overall website speed and mobile optimisation, it makes sense that designers will be focusing on flat, minimal designs in 2019.

People live hectic lives and don’t have time to digest an overloads of information. Using less elements, less colours, good contrast and clear typography across well designed, easy-to-navigate pages with clear CTAs, will create excellent UX and higher page conversions.


2019 Website Design Trend #5: Play with Asymmetric Page Layouts

When you start to think about layout, designers will typically use a grid system to keep content consistent and aligned. This has always been the case across both print and digital. Think of your newspaper as an example of a clear grid. Steering away from this system often results in design looking un-finished, unprofessional and distracting.

In 2019, trends appear to be breaking the tradition, but in a structured and well-thought out manner. We are starting to see more and more ‘broken’ grids, where designers have created layouts that stand-out without looking messy. By carefully breaking up the grid system and establishing hierarchy to plan asymmetry, the results involve unusual placements, layered colours and textures, repeated irregular patterns and creative uses of white space and typography.

When done properly, asymmetrical web design offers greater depth, striking design and impactful messages, all while cleverly directing the user to where you want them to look.




2019 Website Design Trend #6: Bring Your Site to Life with CSS3 Animation

The use of animation has been rising rapidly for the past two years and it has been predicted that it will be one of the most powerful trends in website design for 2019.

CSS3 animation is still considered relatively new in the world of UI and that leaves plenty of room to be developed and explored more in the coming year. Expect to see websites coming to life with animation that makes pages look more vivid and easy to use.


2019 Website Design Trend #7: Include Immersive Video Backgrounds

Despite already saying that websites should focus on being minimalist this year, videos are the best way to catch a user’s attention and video content does help to improve SEO. This is because a video is more than likely to keep somebody on your website, and therefore, Google looks upon this favourably.

Whilst it is thought that video content will slow a website down and have a negative impact, it has actually been known to increase conversion rates. As technology advances, consumers are digesting information in different ways, and video is a diverse and dynamic way to portray your message in way that written words just couldn’t match.

Video backgrounds can give your website a sleek, contemporary look when it is done right. Ensure that your video is high-quality, looks professional, is short, muted and visually engaging.


2019 Website Design Trend #8: Enhance Customer Experience with Chatbots

In the early days, chatbots were a nuisance. They affected your user’s experience negatively, got in the way of the design and were not able to offer much help.

Thanks to the advancement in AI technology, chatbots have become intelligent and efficient, making them a surefire way to improve UX in 2019.

We expect bots to start looking more on-brand, like friendly brand mascots, offering to help in a useful way. Customer service will become much more seamless, with the bot already anticipating what the user needs based on past interactions.


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