Jan 28, 2019

The 2019 Digital Marketing Trends your Business Needs to Know

written by Abby Avery
Why is Digital Marketing so Important?

Digital marketing continues to rise up the priority list for business owners when working out their budgets, staffing, business strategy and areas of focus.

As technology has advanced, more and more data has become available to businesses online. We are now able to access so much more information about who our customers are and what their likes, dislikes, wants and needs are. We can put together effective strategies based on this information and reach a huge proportion of our audience from the comfort of our own offices. Most of our customers are now surrounded by technology and digital marketing allows us to reach them immediately, in a way that traditional marketing just can’t achieve.

The most effective and well thought-out marketing strategies are fully integrated; meaning that their messages are consistent across all customer touch points, both online and offline. Wherever your audience is found, your marketing strategy can be strengthened by creating consistent messages across all relevant channels. This could include social media, email, SEO, re-targeting, paid online ads, printed ads, TV/radio, website etc.


What are the Top Digital Marketing Channels for Businesses?

A recent survey revealed that the most popular digital marketing channel is social media (81% of respondents utilise social media), closely followed by website (78%), and then email (69%). The least utilised digital marketing channel was found to be SEO (44%). The survey revealed that a lot of companies simply don’t understand SEO and therefore do not incorporate it into their strategies. It was also found to receive a low score because the majority of the time you can’t see it, and its results aren’t immediate. A new website on the other hand, may not bring results immediately, but at least you can see the work that has been put in. Despite it being seemingly invisible, SEO makes a huge impact on your online business and without it, it is unlikely that the website will ever really be seen.




What are the Main Goals of Digital Marketing?

When companies create their digital marketing strategies, their main goal is usually to increase sales. The same survey by Clutch revealed that the second most common goal for digital marketing is to improve brand awareness, followed by converting leads, standing out from competitors and then increasing website traffic.

When planning your digital marketing strategy in 2019, make sure that you have decided what your goals are, and adjust your strategy accordingly. Technology in the digital world is constantly evolving and therefore it is important to keep up with what customers and competitors are doing online. This is where a digital marketing agency, such as Aspurian Digital, is invaluable in growing your business.

Next, we’ll be looking at the key digital marketing trends that will be prevalent in 2019, and which your business needs to know.


2019 Digital Marketing Trend 1: Video Marketing

This is a digital marketing trend that has been increasing in importance over the past few years, so it is by no means a new trend, but it has certainly become more crucial to your digital marketing strategy.

The type of video marketing is also evolving. At first we saw long commercial-type brand videos and explainer videos; now the focus is on immersive background videos on websites, live-streaming and short 10-second videos thanks to the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram. When creating short videos for social media, remember that the video also needs to work with sound off as a lot of people scrolling past will not play the video with sound while they’re out and about.




2019 Digital Marketing Trend 2: Social Media Influencers

Influencer marketing is something else that we have seen used increasingly over the past few years, but it continues to gain more authority in our digital marketing strategies. New GDPR rules have added an obstacle to usual business communication channels. For all of the customers who have not ‘opted-in’ to communications, brands are looking for new ways to reach them.

Selecting the right influencer for your audience enables you to create highly-targeted campaigns with fast results, whilst generating trust and credibility by association of the influencer.


2019 Digital Marketing Trend 3: Mobile Marketing

In November 2018, Statista measured that 48.2% of global website traffic was from mobile devices and the average time spent on a smartphone was more than 4 hours per day.

That is a lot of screen time and a large opportunity to reach out to your target audience across several channels. The important thing to take away from this, is to ensure that every online presence that you have is optimised for mobile, so that customers can easily interact with you. This will also be so important for your SEO in 2019.


2019 Digital Marketing Trend 4: Voice Search

Marketing experts are calling it the ‘voice search revolution’ and 2019 is the year to ensure that your content is ready. More than a billion voice searches are being carried out each month and it is predicted that 50% of all searches will be voiced by next year. Optimising your content now will not only help you get your content in front of your audience, but it will also help to improve your SEO. You can read more about that on our 2019 SEO blog here.


2019 Digital Marketing Trend 5: Digital Transparency

The introduction of GDPR in 2018 meant that businesses have had to ensure they’ve got rigorous measures in place to protect customer data; including how it is collected, stored and used. Two of the biggest outcomes include customers needing to ‘opt-in’ for brands to be able to send communications, and customers being able to request for their data to be deleted. High profile data scandals, like the one’s uncovered at Facebook, are bringing more awareness to the subject.

Gain trust by being honest, transparent and ethical with customer data. Share footage from behind the scenes, add faces to your brand with images and videos of your team, be upfront with your audience, show prices and ask for genuine reviews. We’ve already seen some brands go as far as boycotting any company associated with data breaches, such as the #FacebookFree movement that has begun to emerge online.




2019 Digital Marketing Trend 6: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence has been an evolving technology which we have seen huge corporate companies experiment with at the expense of hundreds of thousands of pounds a year. As we enter 2019, AI is now ready to be put on the radar for businesses of all sizes. Digital marketing agencies are equipped with the much more readily-available tools to capture insights, learn from your customer interactions and help you to optimise your campaigns accordingly.

Want to find out how artificial intelligence can be integrated into your marketing campaigns? Speak to our team at Aspurian Digital who would be happy to guide you through the process, and show you how we can capture real data and produce real results.


2019 Digital Marketing Trend 7: Customer Experience

As the use of digital marketing increases, the digital space becomes more crowded. To stand out from the crowd, marketers are turning their focus to improving customer experience. You need to remember that your customers lead busy lives and will remember the brands that provided them with the most value. Being helpful and providing an easy customer journey is something that customers will find invaluable and appreciate the most.

Some key areas where we will see added customer experience (CX) in 2019 will include conversational chatbots, mobile-optimised websites, emails and apps, micro-moments and personalisation.


Digital Marketing in 2019

Technology is so integrated into our lives that it has become the best and easiest way for brands to reach us. The difficulty for brands is the speed in which digital technology advances and trends develop. Digital marketing is changing fast and it takes time, knowledge and well-thought out dedication and structure to implement a strategy that will truly stand out from the rest and see results.

Aspurian digital creates interactive campaigns that are at the forefront of technology, pushing boundaries and increasing ROI whilst remaining as your dedicated digital support hub. If you want to empower the marketing vision of your business, speak to us today.


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